Promo Hotels and Resorts in Davao City

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J.Camus Street, Davao (Show Map)
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Indulge yourself in a luxurious stay in Davao only at Casa Leticia Boutique Hotel.

Located in J. Camus Street in Davao City, Casa Leticia Boutique Hotel is a stylish and elegant boutique hotel in the heart of Davao, a great base to explore the "City...
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Corner Jacinto Extension, Avanceña St., Davao (Show Map)
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Escape the hustle and bustle of the metro and hop on a plane to Davao City. While you're there, experience luxury and comfort only at Blueberry Tourist Hotel for a most remarkable getaway you will never forget.

Sporting elegant and timeless facade a...
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Tulip Drive Corner Walnut Avenue, Ecoland Phase 7, Davao (Show Map)
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Offering topnotch accommodations and personalized services, Home Crest Hotel will definitely make your stay in Davao City a truly amazing experience.

With a convenient location right in the heart of downtown Davao, it is no wonder that Home Crest Re...
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Lanang, Davao (Show Map)
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Experience Davao by engaging yourself in exciting experiences, feasting on some of the country's best cuisine, and getting carried away by the alluring natural wonders of this colorful city. While you're at it, welcome yourself in the homey and comfo... (Show More)
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