Mangrove Group

The Mangrove Group opened its doors to the public to provide quality and affordable accommodations to travelers coming to Malapascua Island.

To date, the Mangrove Group has two properties under its wing: Mr. Kwiiz Lodging House and Restaurant located in Pacil and Mangrove Oriental Resort located in Daanbatayan Logon. These Mangrove Group properties are situated on locations near the beach so guests have easy access to the sun, the sand, and the sea.

Mr. Kwiiz Lodging House and Restaurant and Mangrove Oriental Resort are equipped with simple yet practical facilities and amenities where guests can enjoy comfort unlike anything else on the island.  These Mangrove Group properties also have in-house restaurants, enabling guests to enjoy delicious meals without having to go out of the resort.

Taking these resorts a notch higher is the group's commitment to provide outstanding customer service to its guests. Both Mr. Kwiiz Lodging House and Restaurant and Mangrove Oriental Resort are manned by friendly, hospitable, and well-trained staff who ensure that your needs and concerns are well-attended to. The staff also knows the ins and outs of the island so you can look forward to making the most out of your stay in Malapascua with their assistance.

As the Philippine tourism industry continues to gain traction from tourists all around the world, the demand for value-for-money accommodations continues to rise. The Mangrove Group continues to enhance its range of offers and services so that more and more people can enjoy Malapascua Island and revel in the kind of comfort that only a Mangrove Group property can provide.

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Located on the beautiful island of Malapscua, Cebu, Mangrove Oriental Resort is a great choice whether it is for a dreamy romantic getaway, family holiday, or a soul searching adventure. At Mangrove Oriental Resort, quality service and good facilitie... (Show More)
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