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Barangay Maniwaya, Santa Cruz, Marinduque City, Marinduque, Philippines 4902 (Show Map)
Residencia De Palo Maria is an unspoiled, dream holiday destination nestled in the gorgeous island of Marinduque. The resort boasts of its beautiful natural landscape that kisses the crystal clear waters of the sea, making for the perfect idyllic get... (Show More)
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Known as the "Heart of the Philippines," Marinduque is considered to be the geographical center of the country. The heart-shaped island, making the title even more appropriate, is home to beautiful coastal beaches, impressive rolling hills, and mountainous areas. Its residents are also said to be the most peace-loving in the Philippines because of the low crime rate in the province. Marinduque is also famous for its one of a kind feast that attracts tourists all over the world yearly.

Marinduque becomes a colorful spot in the country when it holds the annual Moriones Festival. It is held every Holy Week, from Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday. The weeklong festival reenacts the legend of St. Longinus, a Roman soldier who regained sight on his blind eye after piercing the side of the crucified Jesus Christ. The feast is a haven for photographers as participants in the street parade wear colorful centurion masks, helmets, and bright costumes.

The Boac Cathedral is another attraction visited by tourists in Marinduque. Built in 1792, the church served as a hiding place for the locals during Moro attacks. Constructed in amazing baroque architecture and adorned with antique furnishings, the Boac Cathedral is the oldest surviving structure in the whole province.

Tourists who crave walking on sandy shores and swimming in crystal clear waters can head to the islands of Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltazar, collectively known as  Tres Reyes Islands. Swimming and snorkeling and diving are popular activities on the islands. A quiet stroll provides a great opportunity to enjoy the lovely scenery.