42 Don Pedro Street, Barangay 2, Coron, Palawan (Show Map)
  • Nancy Space Coron Shie


  • Nancy Space Coron Twin Lagoon

    Twin Lagoon

  • Nancy Space Coron Kayangan Lake

    Kayangan Lake

  • Nancy Space Coron Chie


  • Nancy Space Coron Cheska


  • Nancy Space Coron Smith Beach

    Smith Beach

  • Nancy Space Coron Barracuda Lake

    Barracuda Lake

  • Nancy Space Coron Toilet and Bath

    Toilet and Bath

  • Nancy Space Coron Chie


  • Nancy Space Coron Cheska


  • Nancy Space Coron Toilet and Bath

    Toilet and Bath

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About Nancy Space Coron

Treat yourself to a fun and a relaxing vacation in Coron, and revel in the cozy accommodations of Nancy Space right in the heart of town.

Coron is the ideal holiday destination in Palawan for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the metro. This captivating town is located about an hour's flight from Manila. Nancy Space is about a 45-minute van drive from the Francisco B. Reyes Airport.

Nancy Space is your home away from home. This snug abode is complete with practical facilities and services that make your stay all the more comfortable and convenient.

The rooms are strictly non-smoking, but a designated smoking area is also within the hotel. Each room comes fully air conditioned and equipped with a TV for in-room entertainment. WiFi is accessible in public areas across the property as well as within the guest rooms. En suite toilets and baths with shower are also available.

Coron is famous for its breathtaking beaches. It is also a popular diving site due to its rich coral gardens and hauntingly beautiful shipwrecks. If you want to get a good view of the entire town, climbing the 725 steps towards the summit of Mount Tapyas is highly recommended.

You can also hop on a boat and go around the various beach coves that surround the area. If you feel like going on a little bit of swimming and snorkeling on top of sightseeing, you may ask your tour guide to bring you to Siete Pecados or to the Kayangan Lake.

Coron is teeming with magnificent sights and fascinating attractions that are truly worth exploring. With its value-for-money accommodations and on-point services, Nancy Space makes your Coron holiday even more worth it.

Details about Nancy Space Coron


42 Don Pedro Street, Barangay 2, Coron, Palawan (Show Map)


Hotel is 45 minutes away from the Airport.

Directions & Landmarks

From the Airport, ride a van to Coron which takes 45 minutes to Don Pedro Street where you can find the hotel. The nearest landmark is Metrobank.

Total Number Of Rooms


Restaurant Information

Nearby/Around the area:

3 restaurants (Within 10 minutes by walking distance)

Features of Nancy Space Coron

Surcharges may apply

Room Facilities

  •  Toilet and bath
  •  Shower
  •  Air conditioner

Room Amenities

  •  TV
  •  Towels
  •  WiFi internet

Hotel Facilities

  •  Free WiFi in Public Areas
  •  Smoking area
  •  Non-Smoking Rooms


  •  Transfers
  •  Cleaning service
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