Pelican's Resort

Pelican's Resort understands that burned out urban dwellers need to relax once in a while. That's why with its 2 properties, this resort chain treats its guest to refreshing and memorable getaways.

Batangas is one of the popular weekend destinations for city dwellers because of its wonderful beaches and accessibility from the metro. Seeing the growth of tourism in this province as an opportunity, Pelican's Resort constructed 2 resorts to address the growing demands for accommodations in the municipality of Lian. Catering to both business and leisure travelers, the resort chain adheres to high standards of services, hospitality, and accommodations to ensure maximum guest satisfaction.

The resorts of Pelican's Resort include its namesake resort, The Pelican's Resort and The Pelican's Castaway. Both of these establishments project a leisurely ambiance that will make you forget all about your daily stresses and worries. They each feature native-inspired overall structures that give off an authentic vibe. They also enjoy direct access to Matabungkay Beach where guests can try out fun water activities like swimming, snorkeling, diving, and jet skiing.

The Pelican's Resort is the perfect hideaway for families, friends, and workmates seeking to bond over fun activities. Meanwhile, due to its secluded location, The Pelican's Castaway is more suitable for those who would like to revel in peace and privacy. These two properties both have swimming pools, karaoke facilities, and lush garden surroundings to give you a balance of enjoyment and relaxation for your trip.

Indulge in serene surroundings when you stay at either of the properties of Pelican's Resort. With their exceptional services and features, you are sure to enjoy a hassle-free getaway.

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