SPR Investments Corporation

With the increasing number of tourists and travelers coming to the Philippines, the demand for value-for-money accommodations also continues to rise. SPR Boracay Real Estate Inc. is one of the proud corporations that provides quality accommodations in the country today.

Established in 2010, SPR Boracay Real Estate Inc. aims to "promote the spirit of hospitality that the country is very well known for," and "to provide the best type of accommodation to tourists and locals alike."  The company, which is also engaged in various business ventures (property sales, brokerage, construction, and engineering), is also the property manager for some of the island's notable hotels and lodging facilities.

Robinsons Beach House has been offering excellent accommodations to Boracay-bound guests since its opening in October 2000. On the other hand, the Mayumi Beach House, completed in 2010, is also another excellent choice of accommodation on the island. Both beachfront properties are equipped with excellent facilities and amenities that perfectly provide a relaxing and hassle-free stay.

SPR Real Estate Inc. is also committed to providing prompt and efficient customer service to its guests. To do so, the company "organize(s) trainings and seminars for the growth of employees to improve the quality of service by giving them first-hand experience on how to handle and deal with guests' inquiries and complaints."

SPR Real Estate Inc. continues to aim to be the best when it comes to accommodations and services not just in Boracay, but also to the entire country. The company has already branched out to Palawan, and with many more still to come.

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