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Bohol Countryside Tour and Sagbayan Peak with Tour Guide for up to 21% Off

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A treasure trove of both natural and man-made attractions, Bohol is a destination that tourists must visit at least once in their lifetime. Part of the Bohol experience is going on a tour that will take you to see its most marvelous sights, and one of the most popular tours out there is the Bohol Countryside Tour. Highly recommended for first-timers in Bohol, this tour boasts an itinerary of diverse spots that cater to travelers of different interests. From historical sites and tourist spots to natural encounters, this activity has everything for everyone. And coupled with a side trip to Sagbayan Peak, you'll catch a glimpse of a different side of Bohol rarely seen by tourists. The reason why the Bohol Countryside Tour is so popular among travelers is because it compiles all of the best spots in Bohol into a single tour. In one go, you will able to dip your feet into Bohol's rich culture and history, see its top-rated spots, and have an adventure all at once. It's the perfect tour for travelers who want to veer away from monotony on their Bohol trip. When you book the Bohol Countryside Tour with Sagbayan Peak side trip, you can expect to get a variety of inclusions that will make your tour all the more convenient and comfortable. Roundtrip transfers are just one of the things that you can enjoy on your trip. You can arrange to be picked up from any hotel in Bohol, as long as it is within Tagbilaran City or Panglao Island. Pick-ups are scheduled at 8:00 AM so it's highly advised that you be ready before then if you don't want to miss the tour. The Bohol Countryside Tour with Sagbayan Peak will take eight hours. Before you head home at 4:00 PM, you will be able to cover 11 attractions for the entire day. Stay relaxed and comfortable in your seat as you visit and tick off every attraction included in the itinerary. Revisit the historical sanduguan between Datu Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi at the Blood Compact Shrine in Tagbilaran, marvel at the magnificent stone architecture of the Spanish-era church in Baclayon, indulge in a sumptuous lunch aboard the Loboc river boat, have a tarsier encounter, and many more. As a bonus adventure, catch an amazing view of the world-famous Chocolate Hills from the viewpoint at Sagbayan Peak. A licensed tour guide will be with you throughout the tour. Listen carefully as he provides information about the various spots you'll be visiting, so you can bring home new knowledge about Bohol's tourist spots. See the best of Bohol through the Bohol Countryside Tour. This tour will take you to on a trip to the province's most famous sights, such as the Chocolate Hills and tarsier sanctuary, and will also let you discover its other attractions that are worth visiting such as the Man-made Forest and the Butterfly Sanctuary. And with a sidetrip to Sagbayan Peak as an inclusion, it offers a Bohol experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Book this tour on your upcoming trip and expect that it will be one of the highlights of your adventure.


• Roundtrip transfers from any hotel in Tagbilaran City or Panglao Island • Entrance fees • Sidetrip to Sagbayan Peak • DOT Tour Guide • Buffet lunch at Loboc/Loay River Cruise Itinerary: 8:00 AM Pick up time. Start of countryside tour: Blood Compact Ruins of Baclayon Church Phyton 2 Buffet Lunch at Loboc/Loay River Cruise Tarsier Manmade Forest Butterfly Sanctuary Chocolate Hills Souvenir Shop Sidetrip to: Sagbayan Peak 4:00 PM End of tour Pick-up time: 8:00 AM Pick-up point: any hotel within Tagbilaran and Panglao Island Operating hours: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Duration: 8 hours Reminders: 1. Please encode your pick-up location at the "Special Notes or Requests" section found in the Booking Page. 2. Upon pick-up, kindly present your Booking Voucher to the service provider representative. You may also call the Supplier's hotline found in your Booking Voucher for further assistance. 3. Always check and read the important notice before confirming your booking.


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Important Notice

1. Minimum of 2 participants is required to avail this activity. 2. Pick up time is strictly at 8:00 AM. Strong compliance is advised. 3. Guests will be picked-up at any hotel within Tagbilaran City or Panglao Island. Kindly specify and encode the hotel and exact location in the Special Notes or Requests section of the Booking page. 4. Secure your belongings and do not leave your things unattended. will not be liable for any lost, damaged or stolen belongings. 5. Follow the instructions of the tour guide at all times.

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