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About Tour / Sightseeing in Cebu City

If you are heading to the Philippines and would want to stay in a city where everything you need is available, your first choice would probably be Manila. As the country’s capital, it is at the center of progress and development. It is also well connected to the other cities in Metro Manila, so you’ll have no problem when you need to go to the airport, the hospital, a government office, malls, glitzy commercial centers, a luxury hotel, or an office building. Then again, the best places to see in the Philippines are its natural wonders. As much as it’s nice to be in a modern city, it is also a must to have a pristine beach nearby or a majestic waterfall that you can drive to in just a few hours.

In the middle of a wonderland

This is exactly what makes Cebu City the ideal metropolis for tourists in the Philippines. Like Manila, it is progressive and full of the modern conveniences that you need to make your stay comfortable. What’s more, it is steeped in culture so going around to experience what it’s like to live like a local will be a unique experience. Best of all, the whole island of Cebu is filled with so many natural wonders, and Cebu City is in the middle of them all. The surrounding provinces, where you can find some of the must-see destinations in the country, are also very accessible from the city.

A cultural tour of Cebu City is very enjoyable as it will take you around the historical places in its neighboring places like Lapu-Lapu City and Mactan Island. You’ll find yourself having blissful experiences in ancient churches and grand temples, while you will learn a lot about the rich past of Cebu from stunning monuments and museums. There will be so many things to do when availing of a tour in Cebu City but going hungry shouldn’t worry you at all. While there, the delightful cuisine of the whole province is within your reach at very affordable prices. Prepare yourself to devour a serving of roasted pig, tropical fruits, grilled seafood, and pastries.

Beyond the city

When you’re in Cebu City, it is highly recommended that you find time to take side trips to the other towns in Cebu itself as well as its neighboring provinces. Much has been said about the awe-inspiring sceneries in the Visayas region, and you are in the perfect place to see them all.

From Cebu City, you can take a bus to a port where you can catch a boat to Malapascua Island, located at the edge of the island province. This tiny island may be small, but it is packed of glorious finds like white sand shores and incredible marine life. Divers will enjoy exploring the deep and will be thrilled to see a thresher shark, the most sought-after underwater creature in Malapascua.

When in Cebu City, a trip to Badian is also recommended, where you will be able to feast your eyes on its most popular attraction—Kawasan Falls. This dazzling wonder has become popular, not just for its cascading waters, but for the journey itself to reach the falls. Visitors are required to go canyoneering, which involves cliff jumping, swimming, rappelling, rock climbing, and many more. It is an action-packed experience with a rewarding scenery in the end.

Finally, the modern Cebu City serves as a jumping off point to the province of Bohol, another favorite destination in Visayas. Bohol, of course, is home to the Chocolate Hills, Hinagdanan Cave, Panglao Island, and the furry little Tarsier. To get to Bohol from Cebu City, head to the pier and board a ferry. You should be there in just two to three hours.