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About Amusement Park in Philippines

The Philippines is usually associated with pure shores and tropical islands, and it’s not hard to see why. It is an archipelago with white sands and crystal-clear waters that people from all over the world would love to see at least once in their lives. The locals themselves are proud of these attractions, but that does not mean that you can only find sand and water in the Philippines.

The cities in the Philippines are modern as well as the nearby provinces that are also progressing faster than ever. You can always tour the cities on your own and check out the many entertainment centers available. But if you’re a kid at heart, the country also has its selection of amusement parks that you can enjoy for one whole day.

Why the fun never stops in the Philippines

It may be difficult to pinpoint how long amusement parks have existed in the Philippines, but if there are people who can appreciate one, it will have to be Filipinos. The tourism slogan of the country that says, “It’s more fun in the Philippines” couldn’t be truer as the locals certainly know how to have a great time.

Filipinos have a zest for life that is unmatched by anyone in the world. Even with all the challenges that ordinary citizens continue to face like poverty, they surely know how to set aside a day or two to have fun. It’s not uncommon to see a Filipino working overtime on weekends, but in most cases, these days are devoted for their families. You can be certain that malls, movie houses, and or course, amusement parks are crowded every Saturday and Sunday.

Filipinos also love to celebrate—you cannot blame them because they always have a reason to do so: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baptisms, and many more. In addition, every town or city commemorates a feast day every year. This simply makes celebrating or spending time with your family or friends unavoidable if you’re a Filipino.

Filipino-style amusement parks

Speaking of feast days, these occasions are also known as “fiesta” in the Philippines. During a fiesta, towns or municipalities would set up small amusement parks called “perya” in plazas or in any open area. These are constant fixtures in feast days in the Philippines. It has bazaars, stalls, rides like a Ferris wheel and caterpillar, arcade booths, and even betting tables where you can try your luck. If you happen to be in a local municipality just in time for a fiesta, you can check out the perya in the area for a one of a kind experience.

There are numerous amusement parks in the Philippines today but the most beloved and iconic is the now defunct Fiesta Carnival. Situated in the heart of Araneta Center in Cubao, Quezon City, this carnival was established in the 1970s and had everything that a child that time could wish for: booths with games, cotton candy, magic shows, clowns, and a lot of rides. It is said to be the first indoor amusement park in the Philippines. As new sources of entertainment for children came out like toys, video games as well as bigger amusement parks, Fiesta Carnival struggled to attract more visitors. It closed during the 1990s and some of its rides were given to the Quezon City government for preservation.

Not your ordinary amusement park

The great thing about a country like the Philippines is it has been blessed with so much natural wonders. This enabled some amusement park developers to come up with awesome establishments that are unique in the area.

There are adventure parks in the Philippines because of its unique landscapes and bodies of water. These establishments aim to combine communing with nature with thrilling activities and attractions. Suitable for all visitors, adventure parks serve as ideal alternatives for those who want to be closer to Mother Earth but without traveling too far. You also do not have to have to make different arrangements as almost everything you want in a nature trip can already be found in these places.

Because they are situated within forests or mountainous regions, adventure parks usually have hiking or trekking as one of their offerings. The trails are often not too difficult so even if you are not athletic, you can still give them a try for an ideal way to exercise. Speaking of exercise, you’ll also work up a sweat with more physical activities like wall climbing and rappelling if you’re up for bigger challenges.

Adventure parks are also usually home to several elevated cliffs where you can enjoy incredible views of the surrounding areas. But once you’re on top, your only way out of there is to go down, which you can do in numerous ways that will leave you breathless (literally). Ziplining is one of the best outdoor activities in the Philippines, and you can try them in most adventure parks. Experience what it’s like to fly in the air as you make your way to the other side. Meanwhile, for a more thrilling activity, you can opt to go for bungee jumping instead. If you’re brave enough freefall from an elevated point, avail of this feature to earn some bragging rights.

Adventure parks are also recommended for companies looking for team building venues. They have facilities that can accommodate big groups like obstacle courses, open areas, and camp sites.

Amazing amusement park facts

The oldest amusement park is found in Copenhagen in Denmark. It has countless rides like six roller coasters as well as restaurants and venues for live entertainment. It was opened in 1583.

The largest amusement park in the world is Magic Kingdom, which is located in the Walt Disney World in Florida, USA. It is also the most visited theme park in the world and has been operating for more than 45 years now.

In Lemery, Batangas, a theme park called Fantasy World was supposed to be developed to become the “Disneyland of the Philippines.” However, construction was halted due to numerous issues faced by the company behind it. The theme park already had some of the main parts built like its own glorious castle and a few of the rides. It is open today, however, for visitors who want take photos of the facilities.