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Massage spa / Sauna

About Massage spa / Sauna in Philippines

After a hard day or week of work, many of us seek for something that will help us blow of steam or de-stress. Some count that as hanging out with friends, traveling, or treating ourselves to our favorite foods. But there are also some who will resort to a spa day for that much-deserved me-time we all crave every once in a while.

Health and wellness is something that can be easily achieved, thanks to the many establishments that range from massage houses, spas, and saunas where you can pamper yourself. Whenever you feel the need to unwind, you can easily just drop by a spa and avail of the many treatments they offer. You only need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the feel of the pressure under the skillful hands of the masseuse or the heat as you relax in the confines of the sauna. One won't need to look hard for a place where they can receive relaxing treatments because in the Philippines, these places are just within your reach.

Where to find spas

Whether it's just within the community or in public and frequently visited areas like malls or lifestyle centers, it's not hard to find a spa or massage establishment that can cater to your needs.

One might easily find some mini salons in the comfort of their own neighborhoods, offering all sorts of hair treatments ranging from simple procedures like blow drying or flat ironing to complicated ones like hair re-bonding and coloring. Manicures and pedicures are also more often than not available, while there are some that offer hair and makeup services, which are usually availed by customers attending all sorts of events from weddings to graduations. There are also some neighborhood salons that have expanded their roster of services by offering simple massages and spa treatments from foot spas and body scrubs.

Meanwhile, full-blown spas are usually found in malls or in lifestyle centers. These spas have all the sought-after treatments which health enthusiasts love. From various types of massages to relaxing and beautifying treatments, these spas have it all.

And then there's the specialty spas, which offer the ultimate holistic experience for individuals. From spa and relaxation packages and retreats, these places are the perfect weekend escape for those who truly want to immerse in a relaxing and most enjoyable wellness program that will relieve each person of every stress and hassles that they are experiencing. Some of these spas are found in commercial centers, in hotels as part of their facilities, while there are also those that are located close to nature, giving off an authentic nature getaway that comes complete with a lineup of amazing treatments one can easily enjoy in the company of a soothing nature view and a calming ambiance you can only get at a relaxing place that takes you far away from the daily grind of cosmopolitan life.

Wide variety of treatments

No matter which type of spa treatment or therapy you prefer, you'll find that each establishment offers a wide array of massages and treatments you can choose from to feel relaxed and be free from all the stress that your body is feeling.

All spa establishments, no matter how big or small, features a variety of offerings for the different needs of their diverse range of clientele. Whether you're in need of a massage to smooth out all the tight knots on your shoulders and back, or a detoxifying treatment to flush out all the toxins from your body, chances are, they have it on their list of services. What's more, some establishments also offer a selection of beauty treatments for customers who are not only in need of rejuvenation, but also a makeover.

Various types of massages

One of the most popular services availed at spas is a massage. It's one of the best ways you can release your pent-up stress without having to do anything. All you need to do is lie down, relax, and let the skillful hands of the masseuse smoothen all your tight muscles. There are various massage techniques that you can book, all of which have different benefits for customers so depending on what goal you want to achieve after your massage (i.e. be relaxed or soothe aching muscles), you must pick the right one that will best help you get there.

If relaxation or getting pampered is what you're after, one of the massage types which you can opt for is the Swedish massage. One of the most popular massage techniques worldwide, it makes use of various hand movements including muscle kneading, tapping, and stroking in order to provide the customer stress relief. Meanwhile, if you want a massage that will energize your entire body, you might want to avail of the Shiatsu massage. This massage technique of Japanese origins incorporates varying finger pressures to the different pressure points in your body as a means of balancing your body's energy flow. On the other hand, if you prefer a massage that puts harder pressure onto your body, a deep tissue massage is one of your choices. The masseuse will work on your knotted muscles until they relax.

The Philippines also has its own signature massage type. Known as the hilot, this massage technique is known to have healing benefits, so if you've always wanted to try it, you can find it in most massage huts and in selected spas.

Popular spa treatments

If you've always wanted to try out the treatments and therapies offered at spas but are not really sure which services will fit your preferences, here are some of the popular ones that are offered by most spas.

If you love fragrant smells, then you might like aromatherapy. This unique type of therapy makes use of essential oils taken from medicinal plants, herbs, and the like to give you healing benefits. Depending on which service the spa offers, aromatherapy is carried out in various ways: from diffusing oils into the air and inhaling them, bathing in a bath concoction containing essential oils, or rubbing them all over your skin or receiving a massage that makes use of essential oils.

Another treatment you might want to try is a mud bath. As its name suggests, it literally will have you bathing in mud. The mud is usually heated, which makes it easier for the body to absorb the minerals that the mud carries.