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About Gym in Philippines

Check out your social media feed and you will most likely see a photo or a video of someone working out in the gym. In addition, head to a commercial area and you will definitely spot a fitness center alongside a spa, a condominium, and some restaurants. Indeed, there has been a rise in the number of gyms and health clubs in the Philippines in the last couple of years. It’s not just due to the effective marketing applied by the companies behind these establishments, but also the rise of people wanting to hit the gym on a regular basis.

The gym is your friend

The desire of gymgoers undoubtedly stems from the countless benefits that they get. In this day and age, eating right is a struggle with all the complex food choices that are accessible, especially for young professionals. As a result, maintaining a healthy weight has never been more difficult. But if you go to the gym regularly, you can lose weight or keep it in line as you burn the excess calories that you take. Of course, being not too heavy and not too light translates to better health with lower blood pressure, slower heart rate, less pressure on the knees, and many more.

Going to the gym can also boost one’s confidence. By toning and shaping your muscles, you begin to look better and you feel good about yourself. Even with the popularity of “dad bods” and plus size figures, having a body with less flabs and more lean muscles will always be pleasing to the eyes.

Regular gymgoers are also known to have more energy. By engaging in more physical activities in fitness centers, your organs work better like the heart and lungs, which allows you to have improved circulation and respiration. With more energy, you can do your regular activities more efficiently, and at the end of the day, you also sleep better.

Stress is known to be the number one killer in the world as it leads numerous diseases and conditions. While it is unavoidable for almost all people, it can be lessened by going to the gym regularly. Doctors recommend regular exercise to combat stress because it enables your body to produce good chemicals that improve your mood. Additionally, doing activities in the gym diverts your attention, which boosts your health.

Before you sign up

If you have friends with gym memberships, they may have invited you to sign up as well or an agent from their gym may have given you a call to avail of their latest promo. With various offers from different establishments, you will have no problem choosing the one that works best for you in terms of location, budget, and availability of perks. However, once you’ve made a deal with a gym, do know that the rest will be up to you if you want to make the most out of it. This means that finding time to go there should be incorporated in your schedule. Anyone could easily spend a good amount of money but only make use of the facilities a few times. Your gym membership is more of a commitment to yourself, and not to the gym itself. So before signing up, it would be better if you make plans first to ensure that you maximize what you pay for.

The gym equipment

Upon entering a fitness center, you will be surrounded by numerous objects that come in different sizes. Here are some of the most common gym equipment to familiarize you on how to use them.

One of the most recognizable among the equipment around is the barbell, which is around four to seven feet long. It is used with several round objects called weight plates, which are attached on both ends of the barbell. Barbells are often used for those who want to improve muscle strength by bench pressing, deadlifting, and squatting.

Dumbbells are like barbells but are shorter. Like their longer version, they come with metal plates that can be adjusted to the required weight. Aside from improving strength, they are also incorporated in different types of exercise to tone muscles. There are also other various equipment that aid users on how they want to lift barbells like benches and racks.

A gym will also have a set of machines that each target specific muscles. For the upper body, there is the lat pulldown machine. Targeted for the upper back, it has a bar that you literally pull down like you’re doing chin ups. For the chest, there is the peck deck machine. It has arm pads that you push from your side to the front.

For the lower body, you can tone your legs with the leg press machine. You lie on your back and push the weight with your legs as if you are squatting. Other machines that target specific muscles on the lower body include the leg extension machine for the quadriceps and the leg curl for the hamstring.

Gyms also have machines for cardiovascular exercises. There is the treadmill, which allows you to run or walk in place while tracking the distance you’ve covered at the same time. Another is the stationary bike. Like the treadmill, you can monitor your progress with the stationary bike but you experience less strain on your knees or feet.

Gym etiquette

Since you will be with other people while working out, you are expected to observe gym etiquette so that everybody can enjoy the gym with no problems. Here are some of the basic things you need to remember:

First, like everyone else, you will sweat when using a machine. As courtesy to the next user, do not forget to wipe the machine after use, especially the areas that have come in contact with your skin. Some gyms have sprays that are used to disinfect the machines, so don’t forget to ask for one before starting to work out.

Second, do not forget to put back the barbells, dumbbells, weight plates, and other items you use to their proper places after use. Additionally, some of the equipment needs to be stored in a specific order so ask the staff first about it before using.

Third, when you want to use an equipment being used by a person, maintain distance first. When he appears to be done, ask him if you can use it. That way, you ensure that you can get into the machine without interrupting anyone.

Fourth, be conscious of your hygiene. A gym is a public place so be mindful of other people by wiping your perspiration and making sure you don’t reek of body odor.

Lastly, if you want to make friends, do not talk to fellow gymgoers while they’re in the middle of some serious workout. Talk to them when they are not too busy and remember to be courteous and polite.