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About Yoga / Zumba / Dance in Philippines

Working out is no easy feat. It takes strength and courage to push yourself to go to the gym every week just so you can stay in shape or achieve the body you've always wanted. But thanks to the emergence of various workout classes and workshops, you are now given fun options for your exercise activities.

Yoga, Zumba, and dance are some of the more popular workouts that won't require you running on a machine or lifting heavy weights. What these activities have in common is, aside from giving you the exercise you need in a fun manner, they also help you pick up some helpful skills. So, whether you want to learn flexibility or get yourself some new dance moves, you now have the freedom to choose the workout you're most comfortable with.

It's important to choose the workout that best suits your interests and hobbies. To help you pick the most appropriate exercise for you, we give you a background of each as well as what to expect on your yoga, Zumba, or dance session.

Yoga for a sound mind and body

Dreaming of a workout that will not only help you build a strong body, but also a healthy lifestyle? If so, yoga must be right up your alley. It's not merely an activity that will lead you to weight loss, but rather a discipline that will not only help you achieve a flexible and well-balanced body through physical activity, but also a stress-free and positive lifestyle.

Now, yoga comes in various types. Here are just a few of the yoga variations you may encounter when you sign up for your classes:

If you've only just started on your yoga journey, then this class may be more suited for you. Hatha yoga is more slow-paced, and lets you take your time between postures or asanas for a few breaths. This might be great if you're just starting to ease into this lifestyle.

In Vinyasa yoga, on the other hand, the synchronization between your movements and breath is stressed. Featuring a quicker pace and more movements than hatha, this class is more appropriate for experienced yogis or yoginis who would like to test their strength and endurance.

Yin Yoga pays special attention to your balance and elasticity by requiring you to hold your poses for longer periods of time (as long as three to five minutes).

This yoga form is known as the "yoga of awareness" and is meant to release the inner energy stored within every human being. In addition to doing the poses and proper breathing, chanting is also involved.

If you've moved past all the basics and are attempting to challenge yourself even further, give Ashtanga yoga a go. This yoga practice is more intense and will allow you to push your limits by striving to achieve perfection through a routine sequence of postures. Ashtanga classes vary. There is the Ashtanga LED class where participants follow the instructions of the yoga teacher. Then there's also the Ashtanga Mysore class which gives the participant the freedom to practice on their own.

Bikram yoga is one of the popular forms of yoga. Founded by and named after Indian yoga instructor Bikram Choudhury, it's a form of hot yoga wherein the class practices a 90-minute sequence while the room is set to a 105-degree heat and 40% humidity.

Yoga studios in the Philippines

The best thing about pursuing yoga is you'll have easy access to the activity with the number of yoga studios available all over the country. Here's a list of some of the yoga establishments which are located in key destinations in the Philippines:

Metro Manila

Beyond Yoga
Locations: Il Terrazzo Shopping Mall (Quezon City), Westgate Center (Muntinlupa City), Metropointe Center (San Juan), Rockwell (Makati City), Serendra (Taguig City)

Bikram Yoga Manila Makati
Location: 15th Floor, 88 Corporate Center, 141 Valero Street corner Sedeno Street, Makati City

Yoga Tree Manila
Location: Eastwood City Mall, Eastwood Avenue, Bagumbayan, Quezon City


Location: Banilad Town Center, Cebu City

Ananda Marga Cebu
Location: Yusing Building, 103 F. Ramos Street, Cebu City


Blissful Yoga and Wellness Center
Location: Buhangin, Davao City, Davao del Sur

Crunch Fat Burning Yoga Gym
Location: 34 Pag-Asa Homes Subd,, Pagmamahal St, Buhangin, Davao City

Preparing for your first yoga class

Before you attend your first yoga class, you must remember to eat a light meal at least one to two hours before. Drink lots of water to keep you hydrated and bring some water as well on your session! Other things you have to remember are wearing comfortable clothes, bringing your own yoga mat, and getting enough sleep prior to your class!

Zumba for a pumped-up and energized workout

Zumba is one of the well-known types of workout worldwide. Popularized and patented by Colombian dancer Beto Perez, this fitness program incorporates aerobics movements and dance moves with Latin and international music.

A fun workout for all ages, it keeps you fit and helps you learn some choreography moves along the way. Some of the dances involved include hip-hop, samba, mambo, and many others. It's a total body workout, which is great for fitness enthusiasts looking to shed off some pounds through a fun and challenging activity.

The best thing about Zumba is you can enjoy it in the comfort of your favorite gym such as Gold's Gym or Fitness First or dance studio or even at your neighborhood's local park! There are many licensed Zumba trainers in the country so you'll have the liberty to join a class or hire one for private sessions.

Picking the right Zumba class for you

For those who are interested in enrolling in a gym or dance studio for a Zumba class, the first thing you need to know is that there are various Zumba classes available out there. From the regular Zumba class and the Zumba Step which combines the choreography of Step aerobics to Zumba Sentao which uses a chair as a prop and even Aqua Zumba in a pool, you have many to choose from.

Where to avail Zumba classes in the Philippines

Zumba is a worldwide sensation, so it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of gyms and dance studios that offer this form of workout all over the Philippines.

Gold's Gym offers a number of classes, including various Zumba classes. With numerous branches in key destinations in the Philippines, this international fitness brand offers easy access to fitness enthusiasts to try out this sought-after workout. In addition to Gold's Gym, 360 Fitness and Fitness First also extends the Zumba experience to everyone in Metro Manila.

Aside from gyms, studios like Plana Forma and Beyond Yoga also offer Zumba classes.

Preparing for your first Zumba class

It doesn't take much to prepare for your first go at Zumba but remember to arrive early on your class so you can do some stretches. Just like other workouts, you must be dressed in comfy gym clothes and wearing sneakers.

Dance for a skillful workout

Not everyone is gifted with the talent to dance well. But with the many available dance classes and studios all over the country's it's never too late to learn! If you're looking to gain new moves and lose some pounds in the process, there are plenty of choices for dance classes that you can take. From traditional Filipino folk dancing to classical dances like ballet and Latin dancing, you won't run out of options.

The most notable dance studios in the Philippines

From dance studios that offer a variety of classes to those that specialize in one dance form, there are plenty of places where you can learn or master your new hobby.

Steps Dance Studio
Location: Kalayaan Avenue (Makati City)

Learn anything from classical ballet and jazz dance to street dance when you enroll at Steps Dance Studio. It's a great place to learn, especially if you're planning on mastering more than one dance form.

Ballet Manila
Location: 1915 Donada St., Pasay City, Manila

With renowned Filipina prima ballerina Lisa Macuja as one of its founders and directors, Ballet Manila is undoubtedly one of the best dance schools where you or your children can learn the art of ballet. It prides itself as the only ballet school in the country with direct links to the Russian Ballet Academy of St. Petersburg, so you would know that it's the real deal.

Movement Dance Studio
Locations: Alphaland Building (Makati City), Podium Mall (Mandaluyong City)

Movement Dance Studio is another all-around dance studio that offers a variety of dance classes. But if you want to veer away from the usual hip-hop or ballroom, they also offer pole dancing, belly dancing, and Vegas strip classes for those who want something unique and unusual.

Preparing for your first dance class

Aside from donning the necessary exercise outfits, it's highly recommended that you do stretches before your first dance class so as to prevent cramps. You must also bring your own tumbler full of water to keep yourself hydrated as you groove to the beat.