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About Hot Spring in Philippines

The beaches and islands of the Philippines are popular among tourists from all walks of the earth who are looking to enjoy a day out in the sun. Though there are many things you can do in these tropical destinations from swimming, snorkeling, diving, and water sports, they may not always be available, especially during rainy season when bad weather makes proximity to these places dangerous.

If you're the type of person who wishes to enjoy swimming all throughout the year, then swimming at hot springs may just be the perfect experience for you. The warm water not only refreshes you, but also relaxes you and provides you with a ton of health benefits. There are many hot spring pools and resorts all over the Philippines for your swimming trip and they come in different forms. Some hot springs allow you to swim in natural spring pools, while there are also man-made swimming pools filled with hot spring water which come from the mountains and volcanoes. No matter how you want your hot spring experience to be, a most enjoyable and memorable time is sure to be had, especially when spent in the company of your loved ones such as your family and friends.

The “Hot Spring Capital of the Philippines”

Vacationers from Metro Manila need not travel far in search of hot spring pools. Located south of the megacity is the province of Laguna, which is known for its hot spring pools and resorts. It's among the most popular places for hot spring getaways.

The hot spring pools and resorts in Laguna are usually found in Calamba and Los Baños. In fact, Brgy. Pansol in Calamba is widely regarded as the 'Hot Spring Capital of the Philippines" for having tons of these facilities that everyone can enjoy.

The hot spring pools and resorts in Laguna vary in size. Private pools and resorts can be rented for a day swim, a night swim, or an overnight or few nights' stay in the accommodation included. Featuring one or a few pools, these places provide the privacy and exclusivity that friends and families seek for their vacation. Meanwhile, some hot spring resorts feature several pools as well as other facilities for visitors who wish to enjoy an assortment of activities and experiences. Some of these resorts also have accommodations for guests who want to stay the night or spend a few days swimming in hot springs.

A relaxing geothermal experience

Meanwhile, if you prefer to venture north of Metro Manila, then head to Angeles, Pampanga where you will find one of the most unique hot spring concepts in the country.

Puning Hot Spring and Spa provides an overall wellness package for tourists who want to pamper themselves with various spa treatments from hot mud packs to an outdoor sauna that uses lahar spewed by Mt. Pinatubo during its tragic eruption in 1991. Of course, the hot spring pools of the facility are also another highlight. The 13 spring pools at Puning Hot Spring are scattered across several sections or areas at the resort, and they feature varying temperatures- some are very hot while some are icy cold. The heated water that supplies those of the hot spring pools come from a natural thermal spring with waters heated by Mt. Pinatubo. The hot spring immersion is included in the wellness program of Puning Hot Spring and Spa because they are believed to bring various health benefits, including improved blood circulation and healthier skin.

Some reminders for your hot spring trip

Going on a hot spring swimming trip is much like any other swimming trip to a pool or a beach, except for the temperature of the water. If your hot spring pool is located outdoors, you might want to pack a sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun. Some hot springs also require swimmers to don on proper swimwear so make sure that you follow their dress code.

The water at some hot spring pools cannot be adjusted, so if at any point the heat becomes unbearable to you, don't hesitate to climb out of the pool and wait until it cools down or until your body adjusts.