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Sports & Recreation

About Sports & Recreation in Philippines

There's an endless list of things to do for recreation in the Philippines and one of the top things that Filipinos like to do for fun is sports. Sports play a huge part in Philippine culture. In addition to being a recreational activity that they can enjoy during their leisure time, sports have also become an obsession for most Filipinos. Many a Filipino are sports fans and would eagerly follow their favorite teams and players, not just on the television and the sports arena, but also on the court, where they practice and work on their moves in the hopes of getting as good as their idols.

The health benefits

Recreation is not the only reason why Filipinos go into sports. Some have also embraced it for its health benefits. They go into sports with a fit body as their goal, but more than weight management, sports also encourages people to have a healthier lifestyle.

When a person gets into sports, a healthy heart, improved blood circulation, and stronger bones and muscles are only some of the health benefits he reaps.

Traditional sports in the Philippines

Travelers in the Philippines will be glad to know that Filipinos practice a variety of sports. There are courts or gymnasiums for almost every popular sport out there where you can hone your skills or play against your peers in a healthy competition.

Arguably the most popular and beloved sport by Filipinos is basketball. This sport, which was introduced to the Philippines by the Americans, knows no social status. Both the rich and the poor can play. You'll find courts in almost every barangay and even in most country clubs as well as some makeshift ones in private residences.

Badminton is another popular sport in the country which can be played anywhere. However, there are also plenty of gyms dedicated to this sport, which everyone can go to especially if they don't have their own badminton equipment.

What was once an exclusive sport has now become available to the public. With the rise of archery ranges such as Arrowland with branches in Metro Manila and Davao, everyone from kids to adults can now unleash their inner Katniss Everdeen and try their hand at archery. You won't even need to buy your own bow and arrows because all of these ranges usually already include equipment rentals in their packaged rates.

Quite similar to archery but involves guns and bullets instead of bows and arrows, shooting is another sport that everyone is now able to try. With shooting ranges all over the country, it's one sport that everyone has access to. Even Boracay has a shooting range. If you're not out enjoying its white sands and blue waters, you can learn how to shoot guns at targets instead at Boracay Indoor Shooting Range.

But if you're afraid of bullets, you need not worry. You can still enjoy a different but harmless shooting experience through laser tag. Challenge your friends to a friendly game at laser tag arenas such as LazerXtreme.

Wall climbing is another sport you can try in the Philippines, which might come in handy should you ever decide to go rock climbing. At Climb Central in Mandaluyong City, you can get the full experience through their climbing walls of varying difficulties.

For golf enthusiasts, there's also something for you here. This sport, which used to be exclusive for country club or association members, can now be enjoyed in the various golf courses all over the country, such as Mt. Malarayat Golf & Country Club and Summit Point Golf & Country Club in Batangas, Club Intramuros in Manila, Clark Sun Valley Golf & Country Club in Pampanga, and Eagle Ridge Golf & Country Club in Cavite to name a few.

And if you've always wanted to try fencing but unsure where to take up classes, you should hit up sports clubs such as Republic Fencing and Sports Club in Makati City for sessions.

Of course, sports in the Philippines are not limited on land. With the many swimming pools that can be found in this tropical country, swimming has become one of the favorite recreational pastimes and professional sports among fitness enthusiasts.

Unique sports

Recently, trampolining has entered the spotlight as one of the rising must-try recreational sports for all ages. It used to be a prop for gymnastic stunts and training but now, people have found a way to turn it into a fun hobby that will also make them healthier at the same time.

In Metro Manila, you'll find numerous trampoline parks where you can jump, bounce, and enjoy as much as you want. There's Trampoline Park in Mandaluyong City, Jump Yard Trampoline Park in Ortigas, and Bounce Philippines Trampoline Park in Las Piñas. Aside from trampolines, these parks usually offer other facilities for your enjoyment such as foam pits and basketball hoops.

Aside from trampolining, another activity that will allow you to defy gravity is parkour. This discipline that picks up moves from military training can now be tried at various facilities such as Ninja Academy in Quezon City.

Team sports

Teamwork is one value that everyone learns from every sport, especially team sports, which is why companies have made it a point to organize team buildings for their employees. In addition to keeping them fit and active, this activity also leads them to become closer and more respectful of one another.

Team building facilities are usually available in resorts as well as adventure camps like JEST Camp in Subic and Tree Top Adventure. Usually, the activities involved in team building programs include obstacle courses and team sports to test how well the employees work with each other and use each other's strengths to win the competition.

Getting ready for your sports or recreational activity

It's good to always be prepared for any activity that you get yourself into to ensure that you'll have a smooth and convenient experience. Sports and recreational activities, in particular, require you to be of sound mind and health to avoid any injuries or accidents that may occur while you are engaging yourself in these activities.

Firstly, make sure to wear the appropriate clothing so your body can move freely. Make sure to bring water to keep yourself hydrated because sports will have you sweating a lot. With that in mind, you should also pack some towels for your sports session. It's also recommended that you eat right and drink lots of water prior to any sports activity.

With all of your all packed up and ready in your workout bag, the next thing you have to do is to do a couple of stretches and warm ups so that your muscles will be at their best when you do your sports or recreational activity.