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About Trampoline in Philippines

Trampolining used to be an activity that is reserved for children. But now, the excitement of jumping up and down on a trampoline has now been extended to the adults as well. It gained popularity as a recreational activity which couples, friends, and families can enjoy.

Trampoline parks

When one wants to go on a trampoline activity in the Philippines, the go-to places are trampoline parks. These recreational establishments feature many trampolines where guests can jump on and in addition, packs many more attractions and features that kids and kids-at-heart will enjoy. From foam pits to basketball hoops, they unleash your inner child and at the same time, makes for a fun activity best enjoyed in the company of your loved ones like your fam, friends, and significant other.

There are various trampoline parks in key destinations in the country. In Manila, there's Trampoline Park, which is located in Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City. Here, you can jump to your heart's content, all the while enjoying various facilities, including a foam pit and a parkour track. There's also a dodgeball arena where you and your friends can battle it out to see which team will emerge the winner. In addition, it also has basketball hoops where you can attempt to do a slam dunk.

Bounce Philippines Trampoline Park is another trampoline park in Metro Manila that you can check out. Located in Las Pinas, it also offers a fun bouncing adventure which anyone can surely enjoy. Aside from the numerous trampolines for your jumping activity, you may also find happiness in the various facilities this park in store for you, including a wall climbing area and a dodgeball and volleyball area as well.

When you're in Cebu, you can have your trampolining adventure at the first trampoline park in Southern Philippines, Extreme Aeropark in Mandaue City. Much like the parks in Manila, they also offer various experiences from dodgeball to wall climbing. They even have laser tag if you want to add more action to your amazing trampoline session.

Health benefits of trampolining

Aside from being a fun activity that you can enjoy on your leisure time or turn into a bonding moment with your loved ones, there's another reason why people get into trampolining. It can also serve as a workout for people seeking an entertaining alternative to going to the gym. As you jump up and down on a trampoline, you're burning calories and shedding some pounds without you noticing it because you are having fun.

Trampoline jumping is a fun exercise that gives you many health benefits. If staying healthy is one of the reasons why you want to try it out, then you're going to love all the positive effects trampolining will have on your body. Get all the exercise and work out you need, minus the burn.

Cardiovascular fitness is among the many benefits of trampoline jumping. It promotes healthy blood circulation, improved heart rate and better oxygen consumption and unlike other cardio workouts like running or jogging, it does not have a lot of impact on our muscles and joints.

In addition, jumping on a trampoline helps strengthen your bones. As you bounce up and down, your bones develop resistance to the rebound and makes them stronger. Your sense of balance and coordination are also improved as your body naturally learns to adjust when you land on the trampoline.

Finally, trampolining is also a great stress-relieving exercise. When you work out, your brain releases endorphins that help fight stress and anxiety, so in addition to your physical health, your mental health will also reap some benefits.

Safety reminders for your trampoline adventure

In any activity, it's always wise to exercise precaution in order to prevent accidents. In the case of trampoline jumping, trampoline parks have a standard set of rules which aspiring jumpers are required to follow.

Before one proceeds to his trampoline activity, the jumper needs to empty out his pockets, take off all pointy and spiky accessories, and leave their gadgets in their bags before climbing onto the trampolines. They also need to purchase and wear the specially-made socks for trampolining which are sold in the respective parks to minimize the possibility of slipping on the trampoline.