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About Puzzle / Mystery in Philippines

Are you looking to test your wits and problem-solving skills? Seeking an escape from boredom or from your daily routine? Or are you simply looking for something new and unique that is worth trying for your new barkada hangout or family bonding? Then you simply must include an escape room game to your bucket list.

Your greatest escape yet

If you've got a knack for solving mysteries, or if you simply wondered how you'd fare when placed in a high-risk situation with only a limited time and options for survival, escape room games will help sharpen your clue-finding and deduction skills as well as your ability to work under pressure.

The concept for an escape room game is that players are going to be trapped inside a themed room and they must find a way to escape by solving the mystery behind the story through a series of clues they must unmask before the allotted time runs out.

Horror, crime, and fantasy are usually the theme for most escape room games so if you're a thrill-seeker as well aside from being a Sherlock Holmes wannabe, then this is also for you. And if you're ready to try this one-of-a-kind activity, make sure to bring your thinking cap on and a passion for adventure and brace yourself for one of the most exciting things you will ever try.

The ultimate activity for everyone

Escape room games are widely received worldwide, especially in Asia, which is where the concept of permanent escape rooms originated. Taking cues from its Asian neighbors like Japan and Singapore, the Philippines also rode in on the trend when a slew of escape room games set up shop and started to offer this amazing activity to everyone. In fact, some of these escape room places are the Philippine branch of escape room places which are known internationally.

While escape room games have become so popular in the international and Philippine scene because of its thrills and unique concept, currently, you can only enjoy this kind of activity in Metro Manila. But with so many rooms to try, you won't have to worry about trying out the same room twice (unless you weren't able to escape before and you plan to try it again and see if you can finally win).

Each escape room place offers a variety of rooms you and your friends can choose from. Since most have more than one branch across Metro Manila, you'll find that each branch has a unique set of rooms so it'll be easy to just move on from one branch to another especially if you've gone through all the rooms at one branch already.

When you enter the room, you'll immediately be transported to the world or mystery you've chosen. Each room is meticulously decorated and set up so you can be as immersed into the story as you can. Of course, you are free to interact with some of the objects within each room. Some will also serve as clues that will ultimately help you on how to crack the mystery or escape the room.

Perfect for couples, friends, and family, escape room games typically allow various groups sizes from as small as a two-person group to as big as a six-person group, so no matter who you decide to bring as your crime-solving partner or gang, you'll surely be able to have a great time in these fun and mysterious rooms.

Each escape room place has their own rules but in general, children are allowed to play depending on the room you choose, which also makes it the perfect choice for a family bonding activity. Just make sure that the room you settle for is age-appropriate for your kids.

Choosing your playground

No matter which escape room game caught your eye, one thing's for sure: a fun and challenging time is sure to be expected.

Mystery Manila is one of the premier escape room games available in the country. Founded in 2016, it currently has four (4) branches (Quezon City, Century City Mall in Makati, Jupiter in Makati, Ayala Malls the 30th in Ortigas), each with a thrilling and exciting set of mysteries adventurers will surely love. It considers itself as the first live role-playing game in the Philippines. Mystery Manila constantly revamps its mysteries so even if you've already tried everything they have to offer, you'll still have more to look forward to. The goal of the players at Mystery Manila is to solve their way out of the room they've chosen before their 60 minutes are up. When you're caught in a slump, you're allowed to seek help from staff members but ultimately, each clue that you ask for adds five minutes to your final time.

Another well-known escape room place is Breakout Philippines. Opened in 2014, it currently has six branches across Metro Manila: Serendra BGC, SM North EDSA, Greenbelt 5, Paragon Plaza Building, Katipunan, and Alabang Town Center. At Breakout Philippines, 45 minutes are the time allotment for players to break out from the room. There is no age limit here but participants below the age of 13 are required to be accompanied by an adult.

Meanwhile, Escape Hunt Manila is the Philippine franchise of the global Escape Hunt Experience brand known to offer the "escape the room" adventure for friends and families. Opened in 2015 in Makati City, Escape Hunt Manila gives players an hour to solve the mystery and escape whichever room they choose from their three-room options.

Finally, for BGC residents and tourists, Totem Philippines is the newest escape room game to hit the country. With two rooms under its roster, Totem Philippines offers friends and family an exciting 50-minute activity that will have them using their wits, skills, and teamwork to "get back to reality." There are certain rooms at Totem Philippines that are not recommended for minors so make sure to choose wisely and coordinate accordingly before you book an activity.

Escape room etiquette

Escape room games are undoubtedly one of the most fun and exciting activities out there but to ensure a hassle-free and worry-free experience not just for you and your friends but for all players.

First, make sure to arrive earlier than your scheduled time. Some escape room places do a briefing period before they allow you to do the activity. Aside from being respectful to the staff, this practice also ensures that you'll make use of every second that they have given you, so if you want to make the most out of experience, practice being punctual.

Then, whilst you are inside the room and scrambling for clues, be careful of the items that you move or touch. Even though you are free to interact with most of the objects, take care not to break them in the process.

Finally, regardless of whether you were able to break out or you failed to do so, refrain from talking about your experience so as not to spoil anything for the next players.