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About Teambuilding in Philippines

Looking for a venue or a package for your team building activity with your officemates? There are various team building activities that are available out there so when it comes to options, you'll have no problem. From relaxing getaways to boot camps, there are lots to choose from. However, you just have to make sure that the option that you pick is one that will be good for your team or one which you think they'll like.

Why hold a team building event for employees?

Everyone knows that one of the strengths of a company is its people. But when your employees are feeling burned out, are underperforming, or don't have a good working relationship with one another, this might pose problems for your business. One thing you could do is hold regular team building events for them. This kind of activities boosts an employee's morale, fosters good personal relationships among them, and brings many benefits not only to them but to the company as well. It's also a great way for your team to get to know each other better.

Of course, one of the main skills that gets sharpened through a team building activity is teamwork. By putting them in a team together, they'll learn to rely on each other's strengths and help out in each other's weakness as they take on various challenges and obstacles together. Their communication skills will also improve, along with their efficiency and productivity, which they will be able to transfer into their work ethic.

There are various types of team building activities and depending on which aspect of your team's skills you want to improve on, you may choose the ones that are appropriate or essential to your team.

Team building venues

In addition to being an activity, team buildings also serve as an escape for most employees from the office. This is why it's important for you to choose the perfect venue where your team can not only carry out the activities that you have planned, but also get to relax as they enjoy the surroundings of the place or use their facilities.

Team buildings can take on various forms. You can have relaxing outings to the beach or pool if you all are gunning for a chill and laidback vibe for your team building. You can also enjoy educational and historical tours with your team. Meanwhile, if you want to focus on the facilities for team building, there are also many venues that offer that sort of arrangement.

JEST Camp is one of the highly recommended venues for team buildings in the Philippines. Located within the Subic Bay Freeport Zone in Zambales, it's an educational and nature park that offers various experiences from survival training, animal encounters and shows, and obstacle courses to name a few. It prides itself for being the only survival school in the Philippines so if you want your team to pick up some survival skills as well, this might be the perfect venue for your team building.

JEST Camp offers various themed programs that will surely make your team building interesting and unique. You can have your team battle against each other to be the victor in a "Hunger Games" inspired challenge. You can even book a challenging nature adventure filled with obstacle courses which they call the Eking Quest. No matter which theme you pick, your team building at JEST Camp is sure to be one filled with lots of excitement, adventure, and relaxation as you enjoy the various sights of nature within the camp.

Another option for your special company function is Treetop Adventure. With branches in Subic as well as Baguio City, they're known for their activities and experiences that will give you all sorts of thrills. Every team building activity at Treetop Adventure has a combination of different team games and activities that will have your team working together in order to solve the puzzle or win the game. Dragon Boat, Gem Drop, Team See-Saw, Team Cycling, and Treasure Hunt are just some of the programs that you can book for your team. Watch as your employees enlist each other's help and use each other's strengths in order to emerge victorious.

If you want a unique kind of team building, you can also travel to Corregidor and have your team building activity there. This historic island off the coast of Cavite is a popular tourist attraction so your trip will be like a vacation and team building activity rolled into one. The team building program at this location allows participants to explore the island in an adventure-type game or challenge, which makes it one of the more fun options if you want your team to experience something that is out-of-the-box. They also allow personalized team building adventures.

With various options for venues and activities, you will surely have a grand time creating your team building itinerary and plans.

Typical team building activities you can try

There are some activities that are usually part of the team building program provided by most venues. These are proven-and-tested activities that are sure to bring out results among your team.

The first activity that you should expect when you set out to do your company team building is an obstacle course. For this one, the employees will be divided into teams and whichever team finishes the course first is declared as the winner. The obstacle course contains a series of physically challenging obstacles which each member of the team must go through, so not only will your teamwork be tested, but your wits and strategy skills along with your physical strength. Every player must be able to complete the course before the next member is able to start, so the win for each team rests on every member's shoulders. Rope and wall climbing and tire obstacle courses are some of the usual components of an obstacle course.

If you want to establish an emotional connection among the members of your team, you can also ask them to have an ice breaker game that allows them to dig deep into the lives of their officemates by asking personal questions which they must answer.