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About Buffet in Philippines

As creatures who seek pleasure and comfort in the middle of stressful environments, we should allow ourselves to indulge in a good meal from time to time. Everyone will agree that there is nothing that delicious food couldn’t fix, whether a bad day, an embarrassing moment, or even a broken heart. Then again, there are always the limitations that stem from the food choices available in restaurants and our budget that we have to consider when eating out, whether we’re with friends or going solo.

Buffet it is

This is why dining in a buffet is always a great idea. There is a reason why this dining concept has become even bigger in the last couple of years, not just in the Philippines but in other countries as well. When you avail of an eat-all-you-can option, you instantly have a wide variety of food that you can choose from. This privilege goes a long way as you be certain that you will enjoy different flavors in one or multiple sittings. Different types of food lead to a variety of experience to remember.

When you dine in a buffet, your options are also vast with the way you want to eat. This means that personalizing your meal is possible. For diners who want to eat vegetables only, they can just select from the choices available. If you want to avoid carbs, you can skip the rice, bread, and pasta, without worrying about wasting the inclusions in most plated meals. Crazy for desserts? There is nothing stopping you from grabbing a sweat treat before getting into the main course. Your freedom to choose when dining in a buffet is quite close to limitless.

If you think that you need to spend a fortune to enjoy buffets, think again. These days, buffets are almost everywhere with promos that aim to make their offerings more budget-friendly. Most of the well-known eat-all-you-can restaurants promote their menu with discounted or even free meals for birthday celebrants, graduates, couples who are celebrating their anniversary, and many more. Big groups also tend to enjoy cheaper options. With the availability of buffet restaurants, you won’t have any problem looking for one that suits your budget.

Buffets: More fun in the Philippines

They say that Filipinos eat more than three meals a day, which is definitely true. Philippine cuisine is just starting to gain popularity in the world, but the appetite and passion of Filipinos for good food have been there from the get-go. So, when buffets were introduced in the restaurant industry, the country followed suit, and since then, the dining concept became one of the top options for hungry diners.

When dining buffet style in the Philippines, you can expect to have a great selection of Filipino food available. If you are a meat lover, the country’s wide range of pork, beef, and chicken dishes will be laid out for foodies to enjoy like adobo, caldereta, menudo, sinigang, and many more. Be on the lookout for a buffet with a whole lechon or roasted calf or pig at the carving station for a luxurious cut of meat for yourself.

Seafood is also one of the favorites in buffets in the Philippines. Fish is also plenty, which can be grilled, cooked in sinigang or spicy broth, or deep fried until crispy. For dessert, Filipino sweet treats are also served alongside ice cream and pastries such as rice cakes, halo-halo, and leche flan.

Lastly, it’s not a Filipino meal without rice, which means there is always plain rice available when you need it. If you want to be more adventurous, you can go for fried rice, paella, and rice porridge like lugaw or arroz caldo.

Additionally, a typical buffet in the Philippines with not be complete without selections from international cuisines alongside Filipino favorites. The country’s love affair with Japanese food has made different types of sushi and sashimi staples in most buffets as well as tempura and katsudon. Chinese food like dimsum, spring rolls, and noodles are also in demand. These days, there are corners where you can choose the ingredients that go to your pizza or pasta before it gets cooked right before your eyes. And if that’s not enough, the bigger buffets in the country would have different stations, each specializing in an international cuisine like French, Indian, American, Korean, and many more. You certainly don’t have to book plane tickets for your appetite to go around the world in the Philippines.

Places for buffets

Tourists in the Philippines should not have a hard time looking for a place to dine eat-all-you-can style. Most hotels, especially the high-end ones and boutiques have in-house restaurants with buffet meals, usually for breakfast and are inclusive of the stay. The restaurants that are known for buffets are usually situated in malls. Even small restaurants have their simple versions that are cheaper and with fewer but delectable choices.

Buffet tips and etiquette

Most buffet lovers see to it that they make the most of their opportunity with all the delicious food before them. This is understandable, but diners must also be conscious of the things they do before, during, and after eating for their health and to observe proper etiquette. Here are few of the things you need to remember before going to a buffet.

First, it’s not true that you shouldn’t eat anything before going to a buffet. You can snack on something but choose something light and healthy like fruits and grains. They are also easy to digest so by the time you get to the restaurant, you are already hungry.

When you get to the buffet, don’t rush choosing and eating as it will only make you full faster and you might miss out on the other choices that are worth trying. When getting food from the stations, take small portions only and don’t overcrowd your plate. Get only what you can confidently finish as it is just shameful to have leftovers at the end of the meal. When choosing, remember that you can go back to the buffet area as much as you want, so just take your time.

When choosing drinks, it would be best to opt for plain water or tea as soda or alcohol will only fill you up quicker. Hot tea is ideal after eating as it can relax your stomach and may aid in proper digestion.

Speaking of digestion, do rest and relax or go for a walk at the end of the meal. When you’re relaxed and calm, you can digest your food better.