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About Cruise in Philippines

If you find yourself going through the same routine every day and things are starting to get stale, you know it’s time for a vacation. But while we do understand that you cannot just go somewhere faraway, who says that you need to travel to a distant place just to get away from it all?

Cruise away from here

Going on a cruise is one of the best ways for you to recharge and take break from the concrete jungle. This amazing leisure activity will have you board a boat or a ship that will take you on a trip around a bay, lake, or river. It may sound simple, but this activity simply lets you soak up some fresh surroundings. With no pollution, traffic, or tall buildings being too close to you, this change in scenery will certainly put your mind at ease and relax your senses.

With fresh air and a wide body of water, your cruise experience will be complemented with some thoughtful amenities and services. The cruise offers in Manila are usually inclusive of meals and drinks. Ideal for couples who want a romantic date, this activity will take you on a romantic trip to the open sea while indulging in great food with wine. Performers will also be onboard to provide entertainment to keep the mood of the trip pleasant and enjoyable. Likewise, cruise trips are recommended for friends and families who want to experience something luxurious together. In addition to these amenities, some cruises also include guided tours so you can learn more about the andmarks that you pass by.

Where to cruise in the Philippines

As mentioned, you do not have to travel to somewhere far just to be able to disconnect from the daily stress. If you want to go on a cruise, there is one in Pasay City. The boat trips offered here will take you on a soothing journey all over the scenic Manila Bay. There are trips scheduled late in the afternoon so you can catch a glimpse of the bay’s famed sunset. Meanwhile, the night trips promise charming views of the city lights from a distance.

If you’re willing to travel far, tropical destinations like Boracay also have cruises to offer. You can avail of boat trips that will take you to some exquisite snorkeling sites. Meanwhile, there are also luxurious yachts that you can rent for a day cruise. You can spend half or an entire day in the calm sea complete with full meals and an open bar. This is recommended for those who want to know how it’s like to live the life of the rich and famous, and to party like a celebrity and away from the crowded shores.

Before going on a cruise

Because there are many bodies of water in the Philippines, it wouldn’t be difficult to find a place where you can avail of this incredible activity. However, make sure to consider these important reminders so you can have a smooth and hassle-free experience.

The best time for going on a cruise in the Philippines is from January to May and from November to December. It is during these months when you can expect a clear weather. For obvious reasons, cruise trips are not allowed during storms, typhoons, or on days with extreme winds.

When planning, always take note of the call time and departure. As expected, late comers will be left behind. Ensure that you are at the meeting place or port at least 30 minutes before departure time.

Lastly, in case of an emergency during a cruise, follow the instructions of the guides. Be aware about the location of the life vests and remain calm at all times.