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About Hoverboarding / Flyboarding / Wakeboarding / Banana Boat in Philippines

When you’re in the Philippines, you can be certain that there is a beach that you can easily access without traveling too far. As an archipelago of more than 7,000 islands, the country considers the sea as one of its biggest attractions. It calls out to everyone: young and old, adventurous and shy, rich and poor. Every body is welcome to jump in.

The nice thing about answering the call of the sea is there are many ways to do it. More than just enjoying a calm swim, you can choose to rent a boat and sail the vast waters. If the wind is just right, you can grab a surfboard and ride the waves all you want. While staying on the surface provides the best view of a stunning seascape, there are wonders as well to behold underwater, which you can see through diving and snorkeling.

But the list does not end there, especially if you’re in a tropical country like the Philippines where the weather is ideal for any kind of adventure in the sea. These days, some resorts in the country offer various watersports and activities that are highly sought-after all over the world. Some of these are the out-of-this-world hoverboarding and flyboarding, wakeboarding, and the ever-wacky banana boating.

Superman of the sea

You may have seen videos of someone strapped on a device that releases pressurized water from the sea that is strong enough to make the person fly. Apparently, this is already an official extreme sport called hydroflight. Hydroflight sports are some of the coolest things you can try today, and there is an international organization that promotes it all over the world. Likewise, international competitions are being held in different parts of the globe and the participants and spectators are growing really fast.

Hydroflight sports have different types of equipment, but the more popular ones are the jetpack, the flyboard, and the hoverboard. Hoverboarding is like being on a skateboard or a small surfboard that floats in the air. You can spin and do twists in the air like professional snowboarders. Meanwhile, you also stand on a board with flyboarding, but it is much smaller than a hoverboard. Your movement does not depend on the tip of the board, giving you a flight experience more similar to a superhero. Both activities are extremely fun and safe since you will be supervised by an expert. The experience is arguably the closest you will have to actually flying in the air.

Wake up and conquer

Another exciting watersport in the Philippines is wakeboarding. In fact, the country is often visited by foreign tourists because of the popularity of the sport. While we have seen our fair share of international wakeboarding tournaments in the recent years, beginners are always welcome to give it a try. It involves riding a rectangular board while being pulled by a motorboat from 18 to 25 miles per hour. It is an exhilarating experience that improves your balance and presents you with a 360-view of the open sea. When you’re confident enough, you can try literally some of the tricks in the book like spinning, sliding, and turning.

Similar to wakeboarding is kiteboarding, but instead of a motorboat, you will be pulled by a power kite. Your speed will be determined by the wind and how you handle the kite. Once you’ve mastered how you can control your direction and speed, you should be able to move smoothly on the water and lift yourself high in the air before landing.

Go bananas

More of a leisure activity than a sport, banana boating is recommended for friends who want to have an amusing time at sea. A banana boat is a long, inflated boat that is pulled by a motorboat. Five to 10 people can ride at the same time, and it can travel at high speeds to force the riders to hang on for as long as they can. You will be laughing at yourselves the whole time during banana boating, especially when you all come crashing down into the sea. For those who cannot swim, you don’t have to worry as you will be in a life vest during the activity. The operators of the motorboat are also on standby to ensure that everyone has a hassle-free and fun time.

Reminders first

Engaging in these watersports and activities should be about having a great time. The last thing that your activity providers would want to happen is someone getting hurt. To ensure that everything goes smooth, here are some reminders that you need to remember when availing of their services.

Each of these activities has its own rules and these will be presented to you during the briefing. Make sure to pay attention and don’t ignore any detail. Some of these activities are considered extreme sports, which means they involve a certain amount of risk. The best way to protect yourself from harm is to keep yourself informed with the essentials.

Secondly, don’t rush yourself when doing these activities. Take your time to learn the basics and only ask to be brought to the water when you’re already comfortable and confident. Some of the steps and movements that need remembering can be a bit complicated for some people, so it is important to proceed only when you are able to do them properly.

Third, don’t attempt the tricks without the supervision of your guide or an expert. You will only be able to do it properly with the guidance of a professional. Additionally, it would be ideal if someone knowledgeable is present in case of an accident.

Lastly, only avail of these services from legitimate suppliers. When you transact with unauthorized or unreliable providers, you risk losing money and you put yourself in danger as well. Make sure that your chosen provider has the appropriate permits to operate. To be sure, ask for referrals from the tourism department in the area that you are visiting or book only with legitimate websites that specialize in tours and other travel-related services.