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About Cliffdiving / Canyoneering in Philippines

When frequent travelers are asked what comes to mind when they think of the Philippines, they would usually say beautiful beaches in addition to friendly people and delicious food. This is not surprising at all as these are precisely some of the most known attractions of the country. Almost every province in the Philippines has an assortment of charming shores, while Filipinos are known to be gracious hosts who believe that inviting visitors or strangers to share a meal is a must.

It really is more fun in PH

In addition to amazing beaches and lovely people, the Philippines has been blessed with an endless selection of natural wonders like mountains, rivers, lakes, hills, waterfalls, and many more. The nice thing about them is that you can visit everything in a short amount of time since the country is not too vast. A single tour of a province or town will definitely be packed with so much to see and do.

With the diversity and availability of memorable things to experience in the Philippines, you have to be ready to do something new. While you’re at it, prepare yourself as well to try something risky as some of the activities available take excitement to a whole new level. This can be seen in activities like cliffdiving and canyoneering.

Jump into the fun

Cliffdiving is a thrilling activity that entails having a person jump off the edge of a cliff and into the water. This can be done in places with cliffs and bodies of water like beaches, lakes, waterfalls, and cave pools. For some people, it is a scary experience to stand at the edge of the cliff before taking that literal leap of faith into the deep end. But once they are able to conquer their fear, it provides a satisfying feeling, which often entices them to jump again.

Canyoneering, meanwhile, is a combination of different things to do while exploring canyons. Because of the different features of canyons and caves, adventurers have to go through various physical activities like hiking, climbing, swimming, spelunking, and even cliff diving. Some canyoneering experiences may also include rappelling, especially when going through complex areas. It is the complete package because of the variety of things to do coupled with incredible natural wonders to behold like caves, rock formations, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and forests. For fitness enthusiasts, canyoneering is also a unique way to burn calories and can very much replace your scheduled workout for the day.

For those who want to experience canyoneering, availing of this adventure with your friends is the way to go since it is an activity meant to be shared with people you have great memories with. You will be provided with complete gear like helmets and life vests as well as ropes for rappelling. A guide will also be present to lead you along the trail.

Where to cliffdive and go canyoneering

The remarkable thing about the Philippines is it has so many bodies of water that is surrounded by landscapes. This means that finding areas for cliffdiving and canyoneering is much easier compared with other countries. However, for safety purposes, it is better to avail of these activities from credible tour operators as not areas with water and a cliff are safe for jumping or exploring.

The municipality of Badian in Cebu may be a quiet town, but it is definitely the most well-known destination in the country to experience canyoneering. On top of the town’s list of attractions is the gorgeous Kawasan Falls. With three layers that have flowing crystal clear waters, Kawasan Falls is more than just a picturesque wonder to see. Its complex features enable visitors to explore its crevices through canyoneering. After a lot of climbing, jumping, swimming, and walking, explorers will be rewarded with a refreshing swim in the pools while admiring it as it flows down to the equally gorgeous Matutinao River.

Of course, Cliffdiving spots in the Philippines are more plenty and can be enjoyed by different kinds of tourists, whether adventurous or not. One of the most talked about is Ariel’s Point, which is situated in Boracay. This little island features kayaking, snorkeling, boat tours, and paddle boarding, but it has made a name for itself through cliffdiving. The islet has platforms where you can dive into the blue sea, which is deep enough that you can land safely. Ariel’s Point almost always has a line of tourists waiting for that once in a lifetime plunge.

Another recommended place for cliffdiving is the hidden paradise in Batangas known as Fortune Island. Adorned with pillars and statues that will remind you of the old Greek civilization, this destination was a former private island but is now open to the public. It has pristine shores, camping areas, hiking trails, and rocky cliffs. And of course, there are spots that are high enough for those who want to dive into the deep ocean.

Before the much-awaited jump

Once you’ve scheduled cliffdiving or canyoneering during your tour around the Philippines, you have every right to feel excited as an incredible experience is in store for you. However, you also have to remember that while these activities are thrilling, there are also some important things that you need to consider before engaging in them. Here are some of the basics.

With canyoneering, a lot will be expected from you physically, so you need to prepare your body so that you don’t tire out easily. A month before canyoneering, do some regular exercises like running or aerobics to improve your endurance. Learn proper stretching as well to lessen the chances of getting injured.

When canyoneering, make sure that you hire a licensed guide. Get recommendations or book only with credible tour suppliers. Anybody could just offer you tour packages and transacting with unauthorized people should definitely be avoided.

Before cliffdiving, make sure that the area is suitable for this activity. Just because there is a cliff and water, it does not mean that you can already jump right ahead. Unsupervised cliffdiving can definitely cause injuries or death, so if you want to cliff dive, it’s better to avail of these activities from accredited tour suppliers.

Lastly, if you don’t know how to swim, it’s better postpone canyoneering or cliffdiving until you know how to make it back to surface from underwater. Even if there is a guide on standby, it’s better to be safe than sorry. These activities are available all year round so you definitely have time to catch up, even after spending some time to learn how to swim.