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About Go Kart / ATV / Buggy Ride in Philippines

They say that the road less traveled is the one that is worth taking. As a traveler, it's quite exciting to be able to explore one side of a destination that is often overlooked by other tourists. There's something fulfilling about seeing a place in a new perspective or a new light. What's even more fun is if you've got a unique type of transportation that will make your journey all the more thrilling and exciting.

Turn your travels into an adventure when you take a chance on trying an exciting new ride for your trip. Extreme rides like ATVs, go karts, and buggies are all the rage nowadays for thrill seekers so if you want to try your hand in being an adrenaline junkie or if you simply want to try something new for a change, then you might want to get in on this trend. A most unforgettable experience will surely be had once you decide to give one of these a try.

Around the loop

Going on a road trip with friends is fun, but if you want to make it even cooler and more challenging, why not compete against your best buds in a friendly go kart race? It's an amazing experience that becomes even more special when shared with friends.

Go kart racing has existed in the country for ages, but it's only recently that it became more accessible to everyone thanks to the several go kart businesses and race tracks that have opened in many destinations in the Philippines.

Enjoy the freeing feeling as you zip around the race track while riding a go kart. A type of open, four-wheeled vehicle, go karts are usually the training wheels (literally) for aspiring racers who want to compete professionally in racing competitions like Formula One, so if you have a dream of becoming an F1 racer, this might be your chance to live it out. Zoom past your buddies and aim for the finish line all the while navigating your way through the track.

If you're wondering where you can enjoy this activity, you'll find that some key destinations in the country have go kart racetracks. There are several in Manila, including City Kart Racing in Makati City. There's also one in Puerto Galera, in Carmona, Cavite, and in Zambales as well so if you happen to be visiting in any of these destinations, don't forget to check out their go kart racetracks.

Safety on the track

As thrilling and exciting go karting can be, it's still a high-risk activity so in order to have a safe and memorable experience, it's important to be attentive to the instructor and responsible in following all the rules and regulations to ensure the safety of not just you and your kart, but everyone on the track.

The dress code for kart racers include a helmet, racing suit, and gloves. Once you're set, you'll be given a briefing session where the instructors will teach you everything you need to know for your go karting experience, from driving rules to track signals so make sure to listen carefully and take all that they say to heart.

Prior to your go kart session, make sure that you're complete sober because driving under the influence is absolutely prohibited.

Going off road

Want to go off the beaten path in style? Why not try riding an all-terrain vehicle? Popularly known as ATV, these vehicles are used in exploring rocky, muddy, and bumpy paths so if you're up for a little off-road action, then hop in, buckle up, and ride on!

ATVs are usually three or four-wheeler vehicles with handlebars, so riding one is a bit like riding a motorcycle. However, with an ATV, you won't have to work hard on your balancing skills because with a more stable set of wheels, it would be easier to drive compared to a motorcycle.

Activities on ATVs are usually done in destinations with scenic surroundings which can be explored through that particular type of transportation. This makes this activity perfect for, not just adrenaline junkies, but nature lovers as well who are after If you ever wanted to see Boracay from a new perspective, then you must try riding an ATV the next time you visit.

The ATV experience near Mayon Volcano is also one you should not miss. This ride will have you going around the vicinity near the volcano and discovering Mayon's amazing lava trails. Meanwhile, if you're looking for a place to explore that is just near Manila, there are also ATV tours in Rizal. The province's mountainous landscape makes for a magnificent trip, so look forward to enjoying an amazing nature view in addition to a thrilling ride when you go on an ATV adventure in Rizal.

Meanwhile, riding a buggy is similar to riding an ATV, except that the seat is lower, the tires are bigger and it can fit two people. Adventurous couples can put this experience on their bucket list of things to try. In addition, mud karts also add even more fun to your adventure. Get out of your comfort zone and literally have a splash as you ride through the mud.

Off-road safety

Just like other extreme sports, riding vehicles like ATVs, buggies, and mud karts are fun but they also pose a threat to safety when one does not follow protocol, so make sure to practice all safety measures before you even hop in on an ATV.

The first thing you have to consider is if you're of sound physical health before you try this activity. Make sure you have no injuries because they might end up getting worse for, as mentioned before, it's going to be one extreme and bumpy ride so you have to make sure you're 100% physically fit.

Next, don't forget to don on protective gear such as helmets, shoulder pads, and gloves. But before you hop on an ATV, buggy, or mud kart, make sure that you listened to the instructions of your guide and follow them the second you start your ride until it ends.