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About Zipline in Philippines

It can look intimidating for some people, while for others, it is the experience of a lifetime. With nothing but a cable to lead you to your destination, ziplining can be a scary experience. But the thrill in trying it out it is its biggest draw—letting yourself glide in midair to get to the other side with the entire open area before you. If you’ve always wanted to fly like a bird or a superhero, ziplining is arguably the closest you could get to living out your fantasy.

A country of ziplines

With incredible wonders that aim to attract tourists all-year round, the Philippines has also cleverly developed some of its attractions to provide the best experience possible. It is not surprising to know that the country is one of the ideal places in Asia for ziplining. For starters, the Philippines has so many beaches, some of them surrounded by islets and rock formations. A handful of resorts in these shores have added zipline facilities to their activities so that visitors can experience flying above a wide blue sea. You will start from an elevated cliff before soaring above the beach all the way to the white sand shore. For this experience, you can head to Palawan, Boracay, or Ilocos Norte, where some of the most recommended beach ziplining facilities are found.

The Philippines is also a mountainous country, which means that there are many cliffs with different heights. The best way to get from one point to the other is, of course, through ziplining. This will present you with an incredible view of mountain ranges as well as calm green forests. You can inquire about this activity in nature parks in Baguio, Tagaytay, or Subic.

Aside from mountains and beaches, you can also feast your eyes on panoramic views of unique sceneries through ziplining when you’re in the Philippines like rolling hills and rice fields. These are popular in destinations like Bohol, Bicol, and Davao.

Preparing for ziplining

Ziplining is a quick but fun activity that you will always remember. As mentioned, it can get intimidating especially for those who are afraid of heights, but as seen on previous experiences, it may just be the thing you need to do to conquer your fear.

If you want to zipline but still wrestling with your thoughts, it is best to take your time. When you get to your destination, spend some time to watch the other participants first and see how much they are enjoying it. Do not entertain negative thoughts as it will only make things harder for you.

When being strapped to the zipline, just look forward to your destination and avoid looking down. The sight could get very scary even when you’re in a high place, so it is better to focus instead on the area where the other end of the cable is.

Lastly, just relax and have fun. If you’re still afraid, the good thing with ziplining is you’ll get to the other side rather fast—which is also what’s sad about this activity, especially for enthusiasts. Then again, don’t be surprised if you see yourself wanting to go at it again after your first try!

One last reminder about ziplining

When looking for a place to zipline, choose to transact only with authorized personnel or providers. It is better to avail of this service from those who already have years of experience. You can inquire about the best providers from the local government of the place you will be visiting or by booking with reliable online services. Do some research as well on reviews and feedbacks about the zipline facilities offered by a certain establishment to ensure that you have a fun and safe experience.