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About Sky diving / Bungee jumping in Philippines

Of the many extreme sports and activities that you may try in the Philippines, sky diving and bungee jumping are two of the few ones that will give you a taste of what it feels like to fly. Aside from the adrenaline rush you experience when engaged in an exhilarating sport, there's also the proud feeling of having conquered your fear whenever you push yourself to do one of these things.

But regardless of your motivation for trying out sky diving or bungee jumping, you'll find your extreme experience in the Philippines to be one of your most memorable ones. Aside from offering various venues for these activities, you'll also be handled by professionals, so rest assured that your safety is of utmost importance.

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is an extreme activity that will have thrill seekers hanging by a rope—literally! From a tall structure such as a bridge, building, or tower, one must jump while being strapped to a harness. The free fall that you experience right before being hoisted back up again to safe ground is unlike any rush that you will ever experience. What's more, bungee jumping usually takes place in a scenic place where you can enjoy beautiful nature surroundings and considering how many beautiful sceneries there are in the Philippines, a breathtaking time, in addition to an exhilarating one, is in store for you.

There are also other variations of bungee jumping aside from the usual. There's one where participants experience a freefall drop instead of jumping, and there is also what you call the reverse bungee wherein adrenaline junkies are strapped onto a ride tied to cables and are thrown into the air. With the many options for bungee jumping activities available for you, you can easily choose one which you are most comfortable with to try.

Danao Adventure Park in Danao, Bohol is one of the places where you can enjoy this thrilling activity. For brave souls who want to defy gravity, they offer the "Bungee Swing Plunge", in which you jump from a 200-meter high launch deck into the canyon, where you'll get to see an amazing view of the lush forests and a snaking river. You can choose to either fall feetfirst facing the ground or headfirst while looking up at the sky when you try it out.

Tree Top Adventure is another adventure park for bungee jumping activities. Its version is called the "Tree Drop Adventure", in which you'll get to experience a freefall drop from a 60-foot tall tree. Since the drop is usually lower than usual, this is particularly recommended for people who are terrified of heights but want to cross this activity off their bucket list. Tree Top Adventure has a branch in Subic as well as Baguio and you can avail of the "Tree Drop Adventure" in either branch.

If reverse bungee has got you curious, feed your curiosity by going on a ride once and for all at G-Max Reverse Bungy Philippines in Boracay. It's called reverse bungee because instead of dropping down, you'll be catapulted into their air, very much like a slingshot, while being strapped into a car. From your elevated position, you'll get to enjoy sweeping views of Boracay island you won't get elsewhere.

Safety tips and reminders for bungee jumping

As fun and thrilling bungee jumping can be, it's still a dangerous sport, which is why one is advised to exercise precaution before giving it a go. You must make sure that prior to your jump, you have a full understanding of the safety measures.

For starters, not everyone is eligible to go bungee jumping. Depending on the operator, participants below 18 years of age are not allowed to try out the sport. Also, if you've got health problems like a heart condition, hypertension, or even an injury to your back, legs, or spine to name a few, you may not be allowed to bungee jump. Make sure to consult your doctor about your intent before booking your session.

After successfully booking and paying for your bungee jumping experience, the next thing you have to do is turn up for the venue prepared. Wear a comfortable outfit that will allow you to move freely since you'll be strapped to a harness. Sports or gym outfits will do. People with a long mane should also tie their hair to avoid getting caught in the equipment.

Now that you're ready to jump, your instructor will now prep you for the safety instructions and strap you onto the gear. While your instructor explains how the gear and the jump works, listen very carefully. It's important that you understand each other so that your adventure goes on without a hitch.

When everything is said and done, all that's left to do is jump! Remember that if you feel fear, it's only temporary. Remind yourself why you wanted to do this in the first place. But if you're having second thoughts, it's also okay if you don't want to go through with it. You don't have to succumb to peer pressure.

Sky diving

Sky diving is known as one of the most extreme sports out there. It used to be an activity that is only availed by daredevils or soldiers on a mission, but thanks to sky diving enthusiasts, it has finally become available in the Philippines to the delight of thrill seekers.

Sky diving is an activity that involves you jumping from an airplane with a parachute attached to you so you can safely get back down on the ground. It sounds very simple, but in reality, it's a lot more complicated than that. There are many factors at play that will determine whether your sky diving run will run smoothly or not.

The first thing you have to remember is that sky diving is seasonal. Sky diving during rainy season is prohibited because sky divers need to be able to see their target landing clearly, so it's highly recommended to schedule your trip between the months of November to June when the weather is fair.

The next thing you have to do is pick the venue for your sky diving experience. In Luzon, there are many operators where you can avail of this activity. There's one in Vigan, Ilocos Sur called Skydive Greater Vigan. Meanwhile, there are two in Central Luzon: skydiving school Tropical Asia Parachute Center in Pampanga and Skydive Zambales. In Visayas, sky diving is made possible by Skydive Greater Cebu in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island. Lastly, if you're in Mindanao, then SkyDive Davao offers this adventure in Mati Airport in Davao Oriental.

If you've already settled on a venue, then you must pick what form of sky diving you want to try. There's tandem sky diving and then there's the static-line program.

Tandem sky diving is usually for first-time jumpers and adrenaline junkies who do sky diving for recreational purposes. In tandem sky diving, the first-time jumper and his instructor are attached together via harness and will dive at the same time. Since the instructor will be there for the jump, he will be the one responsible for opening the parachute and hitting the target landing.

On the other hand, the static-line program is a pre-requisite for people who want to do sky diving professionally and gain their license.

Safety tips and reminders for sky diving

In sky diving and basically any extreme sport, one must be mentally and physical prepared to have the best possible experience. Ensure you're doing this for all the right reasons, otherwise it's very hard to back out now once the pilot has taken you 10,000 feet above ground.

Once you're absolutely sure you're going to do this, the next thing you have to do is be attentive to your divemaster. Listen and understand the procedure so that the jump goes smoothly.