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About Paragliding in Philippines

The Philippines may be more known for its beautiful beaches, but that does not mean that it has nothing else to flaunt with pride. Take some time to explore the landscapes of the country deeper and you will be presented with some gorgeous mountain ranges with varying heights. Ideal for hikers or mountain climbers themselves, these wonders are home to some of the nation’s flora and fauna. Additionally, these are the prime spots to catch a stunning view of the lowlands composed of either rice fields, lush forests, or city lights. You’ll also be amazed with a view of the ocean from a distance.

Go down with style through paragliding

When you make it to the top of a mountain or a highland, there is no other way to go but down, but wouldn’t it be awesome to descend in a thrilling, memorable, and relaxing way? This is where paragliding comes in. Not to be confused with parasailing where you are pulled by a motorboat while in a parachute, paragliding allows you to glide from an elevated cliff or mountain using a special type of canopy. As you glide in the air, you can control your direction to maintain a good altitude. A flight can last for hours and can cover a great distance. Paragliding is also considered a professional sport where participants can either race against each other or perform acrobatics.

When you try paragliding, it will feel like you’re flying an actual plane. With enough knowledge about controlling the canopy and the wind itself, you can fly in different directions and heights. And of course, you have that stunning view of the world all to yourself.

Paragliding is usually done in mountainous areas but you can also launch from the flatlands with the aid of a tow. Likewise, taking off is not only done on hills and mountains but also on cliffs and even towers.

Paragliding in the Philippines

Paragliding is said to be a developing sport in the Philippines. More areas are being scouted and developed for the activity. In the meantime, the nearest locations from Manila to try the activity are in San Mateo or Binangonan, which are both in the province of Rizal. There is also one in Carmona in Cavite, which is just a few hours from Manila.

In these areas, providers offer paragliding lessons and tandem rides. In tandem paragliding, riders will be accompanied by an expert who will control the canopy. This is ideal for beginners who want to know what it’s like to paraglide. Advanced lessons are also available for those who want to turn the activity into a hobby.

Before trying out paragliding

Paragliding is an exciting activity that are recommended for anyone in the Philippines. However, the feeling of being in midair may cause discomfort for some people. As such, it would be better to consult with a doctor first if you want to go paragliding and you have any of the following: heart disease, asthma, or anxiety. You will be assisted and briefed by an expert when availing of the activity so it is important to listen to their instructions carefully.

Paragliding is also a seasonal activity. Just like surfing, it is only ideal to try this sport on windy days. June to October would be ideal months to make arrangements for Paragliding when you’re in the Philippines. Then again, it’s better to call the provider in advance to know about their schedule.

Lastly, prepare some of the essentials when you have been booked for paragliding like sunscreens, hats, sunglasses, or anything that can protect you from the sun. Bring extra codes as well.