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Transfers - Roundtrip

About Transfers - Roundtrip in Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most exciting destinations in the world. As a country with a good blend of modernity and traditions, travelers will be rewarded with remarkable sceneries and memorable experiences. However, the Philippines does have its quirks that may need some getting used to. One of them is accessibility. The Philippines has a modern transport system but it has become a victim of its rapid progress. So if you’re planning a vacation and you’ll be arriving in an airport or seaport, availing of roundtrip transfers is highly recommended.

Going around the Philippines

Before knowing the benefits of booking roundtrip transfers, it would ideal to understand some facts that are related to going around the Philippines.

When heading to the cities in the country, you must brace yourself to face its infamous heavy traffic. City-dwellers have gotten used to it, but local and foreign tourists are absolutely required to bring some patience with them. As stated, the country experienced rapid modernization that the cities were established too fast and urban planning was executed poorly. Getting from the airport to the City of Manila, for example, could take more than an hour. Likewise, it could take more than two hours if you’re heading to the more distant cities like Quezon City or Caloocan. When going around the Philippines during daytime, be prepared to devote more than an hour just for travel, which is already long compared to going around in other countries.

Next, the transport system in the Philippines may be modern with trains, buses, cabs, and the one of a kind jeepneys, but they can get very complicated. Hailing a cab or booking a car online is widely available in the city, but the smaller towns and provinces usually have limited transportation available. You can always ask for assistance but be prepared to hop from a tricycle to a boat and to another tricycle when trying to get to your hotel or resort in a faraway island.

Finally, the weather in the Philippines can get very unpredictable. Rain could pour at any moment, even during the summer season in the recent years, which makes taking public transport harder. The lines are longer at train or bus stations and traffic also worsens because of the flood. In addition, if you’re in the faraway islands, boat trips can get canceled in case of strong winds and heavy rains.

Why avail of roundtrip transfer?

Getting around the Philippines can get tough, but if you plan properly and more carefully, moving from one place to the other could be manageable. Because of this, booking roundtrip transfers comes highly recommend for all tourists. It allows you to get to your destination easily from your point of entry to the country, city, or province. Getting to Manila, for example, can be through air in international travel, or at the port or bus station in domestic travel. Upon arrival, you’ll have transportation waiting for you to get to the hotel or place that you wish to go to. And since it is roundtrip, you’ll have no problem going back to your point of entry on the day of your departure.

This option will cost you a few more, but in a country like the Philippines, it could be the best thing that can happen to you. Firstly, the convenience you’ll enjoy will go a long way. You no longer have to know which bus or jeep to take when you want to get to your destination. You don’t have to endure long lines or figure out whether you’ve boarded the correct type of transportation or not. When you’re in a roundtrip transfer, you just have to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Availing of roundtrip transfers is also a great way to ensure that you get to your destination immediately. Most of the drivers employed by companies that offer roundtrip transfers are very much aware of the traffic situation in the Philippines, so they know how to take shortcuts or alternate routes. This is especially useful if you have a scheduled flight or boat trip as you can be certain that you won’t miss it when you have someone driving you to the seaport or the airport.

And of course, availing of roundtrip transfers saves a lot of energy. A long trip to the Philippines could already get tiring and just imagine how much more you have to endure if your accommodation is found on a distant mountain in the northern part of the country. Tourists will be able to enjoy the great things about the Philippines more if they’re not too exhausted from the long haul.

Some options to take

Roundtrip transfers come in different offers in the Philippines. For those who are arriving in the country via international or local flight, a vehicle could already be waiting for you to take you to the hotel or resort of your choice. Your ride could come in a form of a car, which is great for solo travelers or couples. For families or big groups, there are vans that are large enough to accommodate everyone. Rates per head could get cheaper with more people so it is ideal to maximize your ride if you will be choosing a van.

There are also buses that offer roundtrip transfers, and these are more common in places like Aklan, which is the jumping off point to Boracay. There are buses that can take passengers from the airport to the seaport, where boats heading for Boracay are available.

For those who can afford it, you can also avail of transfers in luxurious vehicles for maximum comfort and convenience.

A few reminders before the ride

Roundtrip transfers are meant to make your life easier, but there are also some things that you need to consider to ensure that everything goes smoothly. When booking, take note of the schedules first and choose the one that aligns better with your time of arrival. Transfers usually follow a strict schedule and you might miss it if you don’t show up in time. However, if your arrival will be delayed, be sure to contact your provider immediately so they can properly assist you.