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Tourist Attractions in Manila

Things to do in Manila

Manila is one of the most scenic megacities in the world. With its multitude of sights and activities, tourists will certainly find that they won't run out of things to do. Its diversity of attractions will also attract travelers of various interests so whether you're an adventure seeker or a nature lover, or a foodie or history buff, Manila surely has something in store for you.

There's no need to go beyond the urban jungle if you're looking for something new to try during the weekend for your solo trip or with your family or barkada activity. No matter what your interests are, you are sure to find whatever it is that floats your boat when you go on that exciting trip to Manila.

A marine adventure in the nation's capital

Manila Bay is one of Metro Manila's top tourist spots. It's one of the places where people cool off from the daily grind and watch the spectacular sunset. Along its esplanade, tourists and locals enjoy a variety of activities from sports and physical fitness like running and exercising, while some prefer to just relax and sit by the edge, enjoy the ocean breeze, and people watch. This attraction, located in the city of Manila, is perfect for just about everyone who wants to escape the concrete jungle and enjoy views of the sea. However, the things to do in Manila Bay are not just limited to sightseeing. There are other activities which one may enjoy at the attractions located in the area.

Not only can you enjoy the view of Manila Bay, but it's also possible to go on a cruise, courtesy of the Manila Bay Cruise experience. On board the M/V Spirit of Manila, you will be taking off from the One Esplanade Seaside Terminal in Pasay City and exploring Manila Bay. Live music and sumptuous food will accompany your cruise, so it's the best choice for couples who want to try something new.

Another must-see attraction near Manila Bay is one that will be enjoyed by everyone of all ages. Manila Ocean Park promises an educational and whimsical experience for visitors. The first world-class theme park in the country features plenty of marine attractions offering encounters with adorable sea creatures for those who've always wanted to know more about our local fishes and marine creatures.

Fun for all ages

If you're fond of theme parks, you'll be glad to know that Manila Ocean Park is not the only theme park in Metro Manila. One of the first theme parks in the Philippines, Star City, is located in Pasay City and continues to bring joy to everyone who visits. Featuring a wide array of rides and games, it's one of the best places to take your kids to have fun.

A hub for wellness

Meanwhile, one of the hobbies and pastimes that adults seem to be giving more attention to these days is staying fit. Working out has never been more accessible than it is right now in Manila, thanks to the many gyms and fitness centers that are now made available to everyone. Whether you opt to pump some iron or you prefer doing peaceful poses at a yoga class, you'll have plenty of options for your well-being.

Speaking of well-being, everyone deserves to be pampered every now and then, especially after a rigorous workout session. Manila is one of the best places to enjoy a spa day, because with the numerous spas and various treatments they offer, one will surely not run out of options for a well-deserved me-day. From massages to facials and even saunas, there's plenty you can try.

A foodie's haven

Of course, a good ol' fashioned food trip is one of the best things to do in Manila. There are so many restaurants where you can enjoy the cuisine you prefer. Whether you are loyal to Pinoy food and want to gorge on your favorite comfort food or you want to try international cuisine such as Italian or Asian, you'll surely enjoy pure gastronomical delight.

As for people who find it hard to choose where to eat or which food to try, buffets are a godsend. At these establishments, you can eat whatever food you want until you can no more and the choices are extensive, which also makes it great for picky eaters.