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About Buffet in Quezon City

Quezon City is the largest city in the Philippines in terms of land area and population. This metropolis is made up of clusters of residential areas and commercial centers. There are few nature parks that provide some fresh air to the community, but its surrounding areas will tell you that it has come a long way as a major city in the Philippines. Crowded, progressive, but at the center of entertainment and culture, Quezon City is a place full of wondrous discoveries that make it stand out as an Asian destination.

The delectable Quezon City

It can be tiring to tour Quezon City because of its immense size. Its major attractions like the Quezon Memorial Circle, Araneta Center, Eastwood City, UP Campus, and many more are very accessible by public transportation, but with the heat of the sun and traffic that you might encounter while travelling, looking for a place to relax and enjoy some good food should absolutely be part of your itinerary. There are plenty of places to visit for dining in Quezon City: countless restaurants are situated in malls as well as holes-in-the-wall in residential areas like Maginhawa Street. Food stalls are almost everywhere and don’t forget the food parks that seem to have doubled in number in the recent years.

But for the ultimate dining experience, buffet is still the way to go. There’s a reason why it remains as a popular dining option not just in the city but the rest of the country as well. The best thing about enjoying eat-all-you-can style is the wide range of food that you can devour. Additionally, there is just so much freedom when eating buffet: You can pretty much control the amount of food that you can eat as well as the type of course that you prefer. Whether you want to start your day with a filling breakfast or treat your friends to dinner with some pretty decent budget, buffet dining is your best choice when in Quezon City.

Have as much as you want in QC

Quezon City is always at the forefront of progress in the Philippines so you can expect the city to be modern and trendy. This means that finding a place to eat with buffet will be easy. When you have accommodations in a hotel in Quezon City, there is a good chance that your stay is inclusive of buffet breakfast. Buffet lunches and dinners may also be availed of with additional cost. Even if you are not staying in the hotel, most of them allow walk-ins. They can also have promos for big groups which you are welcome to take advantage of.

Aside from hotels, many restaurants in Quezon City offer eat-all-you-can options for hungry patrons. In the vibrant Tomas Morato is an avenue that draws in a lot of foodies all over the metro with its rows of establishments that serve mouthwatering dishes. Some of them offer occasional buffets to attract diners.

Eastwood City is a commercial complex in Quezon City with malls and loads of restaurants. It is one of the go-to places for families on weekends to watch a movie, go shopping, and for sumptuous dining. At night, it remains lively as the bars and clubs open up for customers who want to drink the night away. Look around Eastwood and you may find a restaurant with buffets that you can enjoy even in the wee hours.

And of course, the malls in Quezon City are plenty and open from morning until night for hungry mallgoers. It is almost impossible not to find a restaurant in these establishments that offer buffets. Like most of the other cities in Metro Manila, you’ll find an SM or Ayala Mall in most districts in Quezon City.